Our teams

What we do?

MAG Energy Solutions creates value in the energy markets through a decision-making process that leads to physical and financial transactions. Our success lies in the constant pursuit of excellence. To achieve this, we surround ourselves with talented people. MAG Energy Solutions thrives with an inclusive and participatory corporate culture that values innovation and diligence at work.

A leading wholesaler of electricity in North America

Risk Management

The risk management team is composed of highly qualified professionals. The team members establish a robust risk framework that aligns with the construction of informed and diversified portfolios. On a daily basis, this mission involves rigorous monitoring, in-depth analysis, high-level modeling, and good judgment.

In close collaboration with other support teams, wholesalers, and management, the team intervenes at the heart of critical decisions within the company and promotes a healthy risk management culture integrated at different decision-making levels. Risk management at MAG means great challenges, innovation, and continuous improvement.

At MAG, compliance and respect for market rules are considered an absolute priority. Therefore, we have implemented a rigorous compliance program that focuses on continuous training, proactive monitoring, and a vigilant attitude. We are determined to remain an exemplary player in all markets.

Physical Power Wholesaling

The electricity market in North America is unique. It consists of several dozen independent electrical systems that are interconnected by thousands of transmission lines.

MAG Energy Solutions is an expert in the operation of all regulated electrical systems in North America. The markets serving the largest populations in the United States, namely PJM and MISO, are among the specialties of our wholesalers.

Every day, our wholesalers transact on the electricity markets in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are supported by a team of seasoned developers, a high-caliber risk management team, and several analysts who are experts in their fields.

Quantitative analysis and settlement

Analysts are of crucial importance in a company specializing in complex energy transactions. Their role is to provide objective, independent, impartial information and analysis to wholesalers and the risk management team.

Their work involves tracking market trends, analyzing data, conducting research, and writing detailed reports to help wholesalers make informed decisions. They are also responsible for monitoring potential risks associated with volatile fees and having a comprehensive understanding of all market rules. Their role is essential in maintaining balance and cohesion among different teams.

Financial Power

Our wholesalers, committed to professionalism and integrity, handle a wide range of electricity products transacted on financial markets. They utilize state-of-the-art technologies and rely on the most reliable information available to ensure seamless transactions.

MAG Energy Solutions is an expert in all the factors that can impact electricity prices and contributes, through its expertise, to the efficiency of markets.

Whether it is daily, weekly or financial transmission rights products, our wholesalers are among the best in the world.

Software Development

The software development team is dynamic and composed of skilled and motivated individuals. Their expertise in developing customized software for energy markets is unparalleled. They have extensive experience in creating complex solutions for market data analysis, operations management, and real-time decision making. Additionally, they have a solid understanding of the latest software development technologies, tools, and platforms, which allows them to stay at the forefront of their field.

They work closely with quantitative analysts and wholesalers to ensure that the solutions they develop meet the needs of the business and the constantly evolving market requirements. Their commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and teamwork are essential to ensure the success of the company.


MAG’s finance team is composed of experienced accountants (CPAs). In addition to handling the company’s accounting, the finance team works closely with operations to synchronize cash management and allocate collateral in electricity markets. The team must master market policies and understand the products traded by the company in order to provide real-time and long-term support to all wholesalers.

The team improves its practices by developing sophisticated analysis and automation tools that allow for more effective, efficient, and informed decision-making. This also enables them to focus their time on value-added activities. The finance team emphasizes teamwork, a thirst for learning, and rigor in order to develop its full potential.