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Who We Are

MAG Energy Solutions is a leader in the analysis and implementation of complex electricity transactions in North America. We achieved this status thanks to an exhaustive knowledge of electricity markets combined with a high-level expertise in quantitative analysis, programming, and risk management. MAG believes its employees are its greatest strength, and makes providing them with the best working conditions, its number one priority.

MAG Energy Solutions, founded in 2004, is an active player in the electricity markets of North America. The company initially developed by focusing primarily on physical electricity transactions in the northeastern ISOs, such as PJM and MISO. Building on its experience and expertise, it quickly expanded its operations to other ISOs in the United States. Over time, MAG has become an undisputed leader in its field and has successfully diversified its activities through a range of products and greater geographic coverage.

To meet the demands of constantly evolving markets, MAG has developed sophisticated internal processes. Today, it uses a range of software to support its operations and optimize its daily management through quantitative analysis and advanced simulations based on a wealth of data. Compliance and risk management are key elements of MAG’s success, which ensures rigorous adherence to industry standards.

MAG Energy Solutions is a dynamic and innovative company that relies on a strong expertise to succeed in the electricity markets in North America.

MAG Energy Solutions is…
8,536,839 MWh of energy transacted in 2021
A retention rate of 97%
19 years of expertise
Over 40 employees

“MAG Energy Solutions is characterized by an in-depth knowledge of electricity markets, combined with a high-level expertise in quantitative analysis, programming, and risk management.”

Chief Executive Officer

“I have been working at MAG for 10 years now. The company believes in the potential of young talents, and quickly offered me ambitious challenges. MAG is constantly striving to improve: it maintains high standards for success and takes advantage of failures to improve even more.”

Head, Electricity Futures

“I consider my colleagues more like friends.”

Energy Futures

“The moment I joined MAG, I felt like a part of the team. It is a very inclusive work environment. In addition, MAG greatly promotes personal development and provides us with all the necessary tools for success. It’s hard to find a better place to work.”

Alexandre L.
Energy Futures

“During my 15 years at MAG, the company has greatly evolved to become a leader in its field. It’s a high-performance company that still maintains a very human and personal touch. With so much room for innovation and new ideas, I’m excited to see what the next 15 years will bring!”

Head, Electricity Wholesaler
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Our Employees Are Our Greatest Strength

They shape the identity of MAG Energy Solutions. The majority has a scientific mindset with several having studied in fields that did not destine them for the electricity market industry (physics, mathematics, operational research, mechanical engineering, actuarial science, chemical engineering, etc.). The MAG team knows how to recognize the potential! From the beginning, MAG has invested in training: nearly half of our employees joined MAG after completing their studies. It also knows how to retain talent: a 97% employee retention rate, and an average longevity of more than 7 years with the company.


Attract, develop, and retain the best talents for our company. We aim for excellence in everything we undertake. We continue to learn, iterate, and improve every day.


Always building on ideas, innovation, and solutions, we constantly experiment, upset the status quo, and make progress-oriented decisions. We are ambitious and curious, allowing everyone to develop knowledge and make a difference.


To be honest and uphold high standards of ethics. We build a culture of transparency where the basic concept is to share information with each other. We build relationships with respect and inclusion.


Commit to a task and stay involved in what we do. In the face of exciting opportunities, we take responsibility and manage our projects pragmatically and diligently.


Team work fosters the exchange of ideas and perspectives. Working together we develop a better mutual understanding, which leads to better solutions and more effective results.