A leader in electricity transactions in North America.

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Who we are

Since its first transaction in 2005, MAG Energy Solutions has been contributing to the energy efficiency of markets. Our success lies in the constant pursuit of excellence. To achieve this, we surround ourselves with talented people. MAG Energy Solutions operates with an inclusive and participatory corporate culture.

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Who we are

MAG Energy Solutions is a pioneer in the wholesale distribution of electricity in North America. Our comprehensive knowledge of electricity markets and expertise in quantitative analysis, programming, and risk management allow us to proactively identify market opportunities. Our employees are at the heart of our success; they are our top priority, and we ensure that they are provided with the best working conditions.


We believe that our employees are our greatest strength.

They form the identity of MAG Energy Solutions. The majority have a scientific mindset and many have studied in fields that did not predispose them to the electricity market industry (such as physical, mathematical, operational research, mechanical engineering, actuarial science, chemical engineering, etc.). The MAG team knows how to spot potential! From the beginning, MAG has invested in training: 42% of our employees joined MAG after their studies. It also knows how to retain its talents: with a retention rate of 97% and an average longevity of 7.6 years in the company.


Attract, develop, and retain the best talents for our company. We aim for excellence in everything we undertake. We continue to learn, iterate, and improve every day.


Always pushing ideas, innovation, and solutions further. We constantly experiment, disrupt the status quo, and make progress-oriented decisions. We are ambitious and curious, which allows everyone to cultivate knowledge and make a difference.


Being honest and upholding high ethical standards. We build a transparent culture where the basic concept is to share information with each other. We build relationships with respect and inclusion.


Committing to a task and being involved in what we do. Faced with exciting opportunities, we take responsibility and manage our projects with pragmatism and rigor.


Working with other people fosters the exchange of ideas and perspectives. By working together, we develop a better mutual understanding, which leads to better solutions and more effective results.

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